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Flow charts in Python : How to become a Python Jedi - A Python programming Tutorial Part 2

We all know that programming is a set of instructions, but many a times we forget to think that this set of instructions should make sense to be called a computer program. You can get your dog to fetch a stick just by yelling “FETCH” but if type an instruction like “calculate” it will do nothing other than just sitting there and gaping at your face with that ugly python command prompt look.

To command a machine to do a task we need to pass a set of “precise and clear set of instructions that flows seamlessly from one step to another”. This flow of instruction is known as flow control or instruction flow control in the programming world. One handy tool to do this is a flowchart.

What the hell is a flowchart? Well simply put a flowchart is a graphical representation of instructions/logic sets that helps you to visualize the logic that you have formulated for a task. Let’s get into an example….

Let’s say that you want to automate the login to your facebook account and want to code the entir…

My new Youtube channel

New YouTube channel
I always say that thecodingproject exists because of you, it exists because I want to share with you the knowledge and experience that I have gathered over time and make it available for all of you so that you can pursue your passion and love for coding. It's been my continuous endeavor to present you content that is both interesting and useful so that learning coding is no longer boring. To achieve this I have launched my first YouTube channel . Now all of my python coding tips & tricks are also available on YouTube. Visit the link and subscribe to my channel.

Expressions in Python : How to become a Python programming Jedi - A Python programming Tutorial Part 1

Long Long ago in a Galaxy far far away there was a planet named Quora. There was a growing agitation among the planet’s inhabitants to learn the way of the Python programming Force and become a master in the way of the Python programming Jedi, but very few knew that the secret art of the Jedi is embedded in a book named as TheCodingProject….

So, let’s begin the journey of learning the secret art of the Python programming Force and we shall together make the journey towards becoming the Python Jedi….

What is Python? As per Wikipedia “Python is a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language.” Python is an open source programming language which was conceived in the late 1980s and its implementation began in December 1989 by Guido van Rossum (more on it here). For us it’s sufficient to know that Python is :

High level language - Python is a high-level programming language because it provides strong “:abstraction” in the sense that it automates the tasks l…