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Hey friends welcome back to Thecodingproject. You guys must have noticed that last week I didn’t post anything on my blog and that’s because I was having a vacation time with my friends so I couldn’t get time to get online. Even today I am not here to post any article or any tips/tricks here.

I am here to say a 1000 THANK YOU😂 to you guys and that’s because you people are awesome. It’s because of your love and attention that my blog has now 1000+ views in such a short period of time. I started this blog during November last year with the aim of sharing my knowledge and experience in software programming with the internet community because it was from this community that I self-taught myself coding, so sharing what I have learned over my blog was my way of giving back something to the community. Here is a snapshot of my blogger stats page

These 1000+ views are not just page views for me, infact these 1000 views are the 1000’s of love that you all have given me and in this way you have …